Your Equipment Supplier vision is to create an environment where everyone can work safely and healthily, and operate in socially responsible manner.

Your Equipment Supplier will fully follow the HSSE Policy. Because getting HSSE right is a fundamental part of our business, we are committed to:

  •  Expecting all our personnel to demonstrate commitment to Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) protection, performance and compliance
  •  Assess all work and implement the necessary controls to avoid accidents, ill health
  •  Ensure the competence and capabilities of our employees
  •  Informing our employees, contractors and partners of relevant HSSE aspects ofour program and Openly listen, consult and respond to their concerns
  •  Ensuring our employees and contractors are competent and trained to carry out their work safely and with due regard for the environment.
  •  Create a culture where we positively challenge the way we work
  •  Continually monitor and improve our health, safety and environmentalperformanceNo task is so important that we cannot take time to plan and implement it in a safe and environmentally responsive manner.Your Equipment Supplier is committed to provide a healthy, safe, secure and environmentally conscious working environment and recognizes the need to comply with regulations governing injury and accident prevention and employee safety. Maintaining a healthy and safe work environment, however, requires the continuous cooperation of all employees.

    Our health, safety and environment-related goals are simply stated: no accidents, or harm to people and no damage to the environment.

    Your Equipment Supplier will maintain health, safety and environment protection practices consistent with the needs of our company.